About the Contest

What’s the Game Character Animation Contest?

Reallusion joins Polycount to invite game-art creators, animators and 3D artists to participate in this character animation contest featuring your custom art and tool of choice, with big rewards for users that incorporate iClone into their project workflow. This is a great chance for you to create 3D art and animations, inspired by your favorite video games and characters. Entrants can submit sketches, mockups, 3D rendered images, or preview animations to take part in the various early stages of this contest. All entrants will have a shot at winning prizes valued $5,000.


The contest will start on April 25th and close on July 10th for final submissions. Winners will be announced on July 31st, 2015. For more information, please see the complete rules and list of prizes.

Why use iClone?

iClone easily imports any 3D model or character and prepares it for quick animation with automatic lip-syncing and HumanIK. Animate characters with motion tools, mocap files and puppeteering panels for face and body.  Characters can also assign blendshapes and bones to the iClone animation system and facial puppet interface to generate instant facial animation. Motion can be edited and tweaked on a fully textured character in a real-time environment. Export characters and motions via FBX using iClone’s 3DXchange, or render a final video or image sequence in iClone. iClone gives artists and animators alike a quick way to animate characters for games, and it provides game-art creators with a real-time animation audience to market their own custom content. The iClone Animation Pipeline FBX works with Unity, Unreal, 3DS Max, Maya, C4D, Blender and more.

Who can Join?

Anyone who loves video games, animations, game art, real-time content, and are either familiar with or are first-timers with iClone. If you have not used iClone before, then this is your chance to know iClone, and what iClone can bring to your toolbox. We have even prepared a free version of iClone for you to experience and use to create your winning entry.

Testimonial & Credits

"If you want to create 3D storyboards, do pre-viz or just tell a short tale with the default assets, you could do so with ease." 

"Although there's a handful of competitors on the market, none of them come close to iClone's feature set and flexibility."

"If you are into real time 3D machinima movies or pre-visualization, iClone is still in a league of its own."

"...I am very excited about the potential for smaller films to be able to use the iClone technology to develop PitchViz (PreViz uses to raise filmmaking funds) and actual PreViz to aid directors to make choices before he’s onset with 150 people waiting for him to decide."