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Try Out iClone 5 PRO for FREE

Do you already own a professional 3D tool like Maya, Max, or ZBrush? Or a game development software like Unity and Unreal? But you are looking into the awesome potential of iClone? Then try out this free, limited-time iClone Package courtesy of the Game Character Animation Contest, giving everyone the chance to try out the amazing productivity of iClone's real-time engine! This package includes iClone 5 PRO and 3DXchange 5 PRO, which is designed to increase your speed and efficiency in character animation production while being easily adapted to any 3D external project.

How to apply:

  • Please Login / signup as Reallusion member for a free download.
  • Enjoy fast and easy animation production tools during this limited contest period (04/25-07/10, 2015).

or Purchase the Newest iClone 6 with a $100 Rebate

Get the most Powerful iClone version with a $100 Rebate

So you see the potential in iClone 6, and are definitely interested in its enhanced animation production capabilities as we've incorporated leading technologies such as Nvidia's PhysX, SpeedTree and Allegorithmic's Substance to produce stunning visual quality, but you are looking for a good deal? Then participate in this event and claim your voucher for a $100 rebate, by simply joining this contest!

How to apply:

  • Contestants who have purchased iClone 6 and have submitted their videos, will be eligible for a $100 rebate. Inside the Submission Page - Tools Section, remember to check the iClone 6 option box, if you have used iClone 6 in your project.
  • If you qualify, we will send you a redeeming code to your inbox during 07/11-08/10.

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