iClone provides powerful animation capabilities while keeping the process simple and intuitive. Whether you are new to the 3D industry or a veteran of professional tools like Maya or MotionBuilder, you will find the professional tools needed in the intuitive design of iClone!

Motion Editing Innovations

Optimal HIK Control

Reach Target Interaction

Pro-level Curve Editing


Pose-to-Pose Rotoscoping

  • Easily make pose-to-pose animation with a reference MPEG4 video.
  • Flexible frame rate settings for frame accurate key frame animation.
  • Accurate IK and FK transition between pose keys.
  • Use transition curves for easy timing control.
  • Use Orthogonal View for the right 3D to image projection.

Motion Blending & Auto Motion Alignment

  • Auto Motion Alignment with the adjacent clips to keep continuous position and moving direction.
  • Auto Motion Alignment for Extended Looping Animations.
  • Bi-directional Transition Blending for smooth transition between motion clips.
  • Motion Direction Control with turn-angle gizmo.
  • Manually align poses between two motion clips with a selected body part - L/R foot, L/R hand, hip, head.

Multiple Animation Layer Editing

  • A non-destructive workflow to give all possible animation options.
  • Add as many layers as one desires for maximum flexibility.
  • Adjust blend weight for different performance mixing.
  • Freely inspect all aspects of the motions for simplified management.

Pose Mixer

  • A powerful mashup system for diversifying motion by mixing and matching different poses.
    • Replace pose at selected parts
    • Flip selected mixed parts
    • Mirror for symmetrical poses
  • A pose is an animation layer key that can be further re-edited.

Part Level (14 tracks)

  • Quick motion editing on main body parts.
  • Simplified track display with better timeline performance.

Bone Level (70 tracks)

  • Access to all FK bones.
  • Specify IK/FK blend without opening Curve Editor.
  • Advanced editing, such as offset time animation, foot sliding removal, detailed bone editing.


Advanced HumanIK Control

  • Viewport IK control rig with manifest look, with adjustable size and opacity.
  • Fast joints traversal with Up/Dn keys, press Home to center view on selected.
  • Advanced foot and hand pose controllers - every limb has its own set of controller points to delve deeply into detailed performances.
  • Precise and stable pin control for resistant to pulling from the body.

End Effector & Handkey Motion

  • Facilitate professional pose-to-pose animation or motion layer editing.
  • Stable Foot and Toe Constraints when landing and leaving ground.
  • Keep hands on the surface when moving, punching or pushing up.
  • Timeline edit IK/FK transition range for smooth look.
  • Precisely rotate around hand and foot End Effector Pivots.
  • Pin Hand or Feet Effectors for absolute pinning performance.


Prop Interaction

  • One step target reach - direct pick the target object.
  • Maintain target reach offset during object movement.
  • Constraint target reach transformation axis (XYZ).
  • Set the reach and release time range, and offset value in timeline for smooth animation.

Self Interaction (Bone)

  • Select the character’s target bone as the Reach Target, move hands to the appropriate position, and Maintain the Offset.
  • The hand will be locked on the target position, no matter what animation is being applied.

Mutual Interaction
(between characters)

  • Allow mutual interaction between character A and character B.
  • Select each other’s bone as the Reach Target, move hands to the appropriate position, and Maintain the Offset.
  • Both characters’ hands will be locked on the target position, no matter what animation is being applied to the counterpart.

Footstep & Handprint
(Auto Reach & Correction)

  • Remove foot sliding by selecting auto reach parts in Motion Correction.
  • Automatic footstep stabilization by calculating footsteps based on the feet to ground relation.
  • Adjust footprint position, elevation, and rotation to create new step movement.
  • Set the reach and release time range and offset value in timeline for smooth animation.


Create Cartoon Performances

  • Adapt all the skills of classic animation principles to iClone animations.
  • Select a section of motion keys from the timeline and start applying curves to level-up cartoon performance.
  • Exercise full control over time and space, create arc rotation, follow through, step motion, and exaggeration.

Mocap Correction

  • Fix issues such as foot sliding, or walking motions that float or stray off course.
  • Flatten vertical movement by stifling horizontal movement or flatten horizontal movement by stifling vertical movement.
  • Give a consistent pace to a walking motion.
  • Apply steady hand key motion.
  • Sample motion clips into fewer amount of keys for hand key adjustment.

Connects Industry-leading Mocap Devices

Mocap Animation Editing

Live Link 3D Motions