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What's Genetica

Genetica is a powerful node-based texture generator perfect for tiling, creating seamless textures, adding weather effects and much much more! With Genetica, you can use tons of pre-made templates from the built-in library or import real photographs to create continuous surfaces for iClone. Create seamless textures for scene setups, customize dynamic images for animated visuals, and add realism to any iClone project with HDRI maps.

- Easy node-based UI
- Over 1,000 Presets
- Use photos to create textures
- Generate Material Channels
- Create Environment Maps
- Employ drawing tools
- Create HDR Images


The most powerful editor for seamless textures, material channel maps and HDR environment images!

Use thousands of presets

No need to be an experienced texture creator. With Genetica you literally have 1,000s of preset textures, styles and environment maps ready to just be generated. These textures can be freely modified or used in projects as they are.

1. Scroll through the many categories in Genetica and choose any desired preset.

2. Then choose to further modify the texture, or simply render as it is

Create Seamless Textures

Bring to iClone highly customized textures to use on walls, floors, terrain, roofs, landscapes, skies, clothing, props and more. Generate and use any seamless pattern you need to create that authentic iClone movie scene. Use and edit thousands of textures and styles, with Genetica's huge library of royalty-free high resolution presets.

1. Import images or photographs and create unique seamless textures.

2. Crop area patches and render with Genetica's node-based interface.

Generate Material Channel Maps

Now you can create endless effect maps for iClone's many material channels. Generate professional, highly realistic map channels with intricate detail and apply to iClone walls, props, objects, terrain and more!

1. Create outstanding material maps through Genetica's easy-to-use node system.

2. Use the material channels in iClone and bring your objects to life with incredible texture and depth.

Build Ultra Real Scenes

In iClone, the sky is the limit with the new environmental map effects created in Genetica's powerful image generator! Recreate reality like never before with stunning atmospheric backdrops and custom HDRI environment maps.

1. Export HDRI from Genetica

In Genetica you can render and export HDRI environment maps in common formats like latitude/longitude, mirrored ball, and cubic. Later in iClone, use these maps in the reflection channels and create never before seen reality.

2. Use the material channels in iClone and bring your objects to life with incredible texture and depth.

Create awesome environment maps and use as iClone atmospheric backdrops. Simply select a 360 degree sky dome and later bring your environment map to the diffuse channel.