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Genetica’s Edition & System Requirement
  Basic Pro
Adjusters YES YES
Filters YES YES
Texture Synthesis YES YES
Node-Based Workflow YES YES
Professional Drawing Tools YES YES
Visual Styles YES YES
Powerful Lab System YES YES
Advanced Lighting YES YES
Thousands of Presets YES YES
Effect Maps YES YES
UV Textures   YES
Edit HDRI Environments   YES
Render and Export HDRIs   YES
Normal Maps   YES
Hair and Fiber   YES
Batch Processor   YES
HDRI and 32-Bit Output   YES
Maximum Render Size 3000x3000 6000x6000

System Requirements

Operating System XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Memory 2 GB (6 GB recommended)
Hard Disk 400 MB
Internet Connection Integrated resource library requires occasional connection to internet

Genetica requires the Microsoft .NET Framework (a component of Windows) to be installed on your computer.  Newer computers will already have it installed, otherwise the Genetica installer may ask if you would like it to automatically download and install the .NET Framework for you.  If you would prefer to install the framework manually, you may do so from this page.

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