New Features

There are several goals we wished to achieve with this new main update. First, we have finally completed the Mac version for CrazyTalk Animator 2 and synced its release with version 2.1 release, so lots of Mac users will be happy about this. Second, we included the popular transparent PNG and AniGIF output, which can be easily exported by copy-and-paste. This greatly stirs up dynamic content usage for presentations, web design, emails and social activities in forums and instant messaging. Also, as promised Reallusion has brought back the highly-acclaimed motion blending and image masking features, and make them more powerful. Character designers can also find lots of new features to make G2 avatar creation process easier and faster. This new 2.1 update also includes numerous usability enhancements and performance improvements to make CrazyTalk Animator an awesome tool!

CrazyTalk Animator 2 Enhancements in v2.1

Instantly Copy-Paste PNG & Animated GIF

Have you ever wished to quickly place your animations into presentations, web pages, emails and other popular applications? Well, with this new update you can easily copy-paste your animations straight from the main window to any other application.

  • No matter it's an image or an animation, you simply need to select your target objects, press the capture key, F7 for PNG and F8 for animated GIF, and then paste(Ctrl-V) to your daily applications.
  • The practical, transparent background option gives you seamless pasted results every time.
  • You can also further customize the output quality, animation range, looping option and frame rate.
View How-To: PNG Animated GIF View Video

Enhanced Render Style Panel

Color Adjustment for Image-based Sprites

  • Previously in CTA 2.0, you could only adjust the color of vector-based items, but now you can adjust the color for image-based items as well. It works both for props or character elements.
  • You can directly access the Render Style panel without the need to get into the Composer mode.

Color Toning

  • Instead of adjusting vectors and image elements separately, users can now select multiple elements to update them all at once!
  • You can copy the render style from the selected items and apply them to other items.

Line Width Adjustment

  • No matter if you zoom in/out on a character or scale any body part, you are now free to decide the line width for selected objects.
  • The Line width adjustment is not only for emphasizing characters and props, but it can also be used to edit speech bubbles for a more unique look in different scenarios.

Dynamic Text Bubbles

  • The text bubbles are now dynamic. In CTA2.1, you can have multiple text changes, in the same bubble, for an awesome dialog.
  • You can assign different text styles to each text along with font, size, color, italics, etc. You can also re-edit them at anytime.
  • Set a Timeline key for your text for precise timing control.

Empowered Motion Clip Blending

  • With the newly enhanced motion blending function, now you can smoothly combine two motion clips with, a blending range and motion curve, for both 2D and 3D tracks.
  • The same blending feature can help smooth out angle changes when combining two motion clips with different angles.
  • It also makes pose-to-pose animation creation easier and much more controllable.
Seamless Motion Blending between clips
Ease out motion angle change

Enhancement Over Character Composer

Mirror an Entire Body or a Single Part

  • In CTA2.1, a mirror function is added for our users to greatly speed up the character creation process. Once they complete one side of the actor sprites, then they can simply click the Mirror button for all adjacent parts to automatically update on the other side.
  • The Mirror function does just apply to an actor, but it can also be applied to single parts when mirroring poses, and angle settings from left eye to right eye.
  • This function can mirror over bone transformations, pivot points, and joint mask settings.

Simplified Vector Grouping Tool

  • Have you wondered how CTA can change colors by within selected name groups such as; upper, lower, and hair? Well, by using the vector grouping tool you can modify your character or prop with the same render style option, and easily adjust the color tone in one go.
  • In this new update, grouping vector shapes to named parts is no longer a complicated process. Simply check the “Select Same Color” option when you click on a vector item, and all vector shapes made with the same color will be selected. Then you can assign the same Group Name to them.

Instancing With Transformation

  • The biggest effort when creating a custom character is usually when generating sprites for facial expressions. Now, instead of drawing individual sprites to complete elements like eyebrows, users can simply apply the same instance to all gesture slots. They can rotate, move or scale individual sprites to generate all kinds expressions.
  • Using transformation instancing, once you changed the original source sprite, you can have all the instanced shapes updated while keeping their transformation offset value.
  • The same method can be applied during a pose generation procedure for eyes and mouth.

Universal Pose Transformation

  • In some cases you may wish to generate a new set of expressions based on the original sprite setting, or may want to just fine-tune custom settings by tweaking transformations.
  • Applying the transformed results to other sprites in the library is now easy. Simply check “All Post Transform” and have all modifications including; move rotate, and scale, automatically updated to the entire sprite library.

Render Style Supports Transparency

  • CTA2 now gives content developer more options to import Flash (SWF) assets with transparency values. Now you can make props and accessories with see-through, glassy effects.

Enhanced Mask Editor for Character and Prop Composer

  • In this update, users can finally remove the image background for face, body parts and props.
  • Users can circle the interested area and get quick mask results by using the Auto Mode, or manually use brush and eraser, or color threshold to define foreground and background areas.

Supports Windows 64-bit Version

  • CTA2 now supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  • Users with 64-bit Windows version can have faster performance and handle much bigger project files.

Mac Version is Now Available

  • The long-awaited CrazyTalk Animator 2 Mac version is now available and with tons of enhancements to boot! It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and above.
  • The transparent MOV PRoRes 4444 video output allows Mac users to paste transparent videos to Keynote, video editor and all major Mac apps.