Changing the Layer Order - Body Parts and Facial Features

In CrazyTalk Animator, each character is composed of body parts and facial features (sprites). Therefore, there is a certain layer order for them. You may change the order manually with the Character Composer, so that when the character scratches its head, the hand will be behind the head instead of being in the front of it. You may also use this method to stylize faces and hairdos.

Body and Head

Character hand order: Behind the head

Character hand order: Above the head

Hair and Face

Hair order: Above the head

Hair order: Behind the head

Changing the Layer Order

Please follow the below steps to reorder the layer of a body part and/or facial feature:

  1. Select a character.
  2. Click the Character Composer button. Please note that the character will return to its initial pose inside the Composer Mode.
  3. Rotate a body part to check the order.
  4. Switch to the Layer tab in the Scene Manager.
  5. Select the item for which you want to change the order.
  6. Click the Move to top, Move up, Move down, and Move to bottom buttons to re-arrange the order of the selected item.
  7. Rotate the part again to review the result.
  8. Click the Back to Stage button to update the character.