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Multi-dimensional Actor:
Each character has 10 different angles for user to freely animate with.
Multi-Render Style:
10 kinds of Render Style that allow you to easily switch your characters and scene styles, alter color and appearance.
Unlimited Combination:
Fully exchangeable facial and body parts with countless combinations.


Pack required version: CrazyTalk Animator version 2.0 or above

G2 Body Composer Kit 1
New Outfits for Daily Life
Multi-Dimensional Body Composer Kit is made up of hundreds of sprite components, which provides numerous upper, lower and shoes to compose different character types in the metro city life

• 19 Upper
• 15 Lower
• 7 Shoes

G2 Head Composer Kit 1
Mix and Match Facial Parts for Unique Looks
Head Composer Kit enables you to create countless combinations of heads and faces, mimicking celebrities or persons you know. All heads, hairs and facial components are multi-dimensional, lip-synching and expression-ready, allowing you to puppet animate them in real-time for fantastic cartoon video or comic strips.
• 6 Brow
• 5 Ears
• 7 Eyes
• 24 Hair
• 16 Face
• 9 Mouth
• 12 Nose


Scenes & Props - Metro City Life  
From Workplace to Recreational Area
This pack includes general outdoor and indoor scenes in Metro City Life, such as: Metro Rail Transit, Elevator, Store, Kitchen, and Washroom. In addition, all the items in this pack benefit from CTA2's unique "Multi-Render Style" feature, making it easy to switch between different artistic styles, altering colors and appearances for both props and scenes that cater to different design needs.

• 9 Scene
• 149 Props

100 Commercial Objects and Symbols
Business and Info Objects for the Modern World
This pack includes 100 objects and symbols for displaying business idea. Simply use these objects and symbols to enrich your animation and expression.

• 37 Commercial Objects
• 67 Symbols

The source to learn about talking cartoon animation!
"Perform Learning Kit" is an add-in pack designed to let users easily learn how to animate 2D characters with motion, sound, and facial performance. In addition to original perform projects, there are also full body perform files, cartoon sounds, and voice scripts that adds personalities and depths to your video!
Free with G2 PowerTools vol.1
• 94 Sound Library
   (For 6 characters)
• 37 Perform Motion
   (Full body talking)
• 37 Voice Script
• 37 Source Perform Projects
   (Ready for re-editing)


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