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G2 Multi-dimensional Body
All body sprites allow you to freely assemble and animate characters from 10 angles.
Instant Render Styles
10 template styles ready contents to your liking.
Product : G2 Body Composer Kit 1

The G2 Body Composer Kit is made up of hundreds of sprite components, which give you the ability to put together endless combinations of upper and lower body clothing, complete with a unique set of shoes, each compatible with multi-angle animation tools. This pack allows you to further define your characters personality with an exceptional sense of style.


 • Upper x 19
 • Lower x 15
 • Shoes x 7


This pack fulfills those dressing ideas.

Clothing Adjective:

biker. punk. club wear. corporate. business. warm/cozy. retro. casual. street. chic. trendy. vintage. white collar. professional. sensual. fancy. conservative. flashy. classy. slim-fit. hip. rocker.


Clothing Type:

gown. sleeveless. blouse. sweater. skirk. mini-skirt. pleated skirt. fancy blouse. sweatpants. capris. jeans. hot shorts. jean shorts. cut-offs. casual trousers. beach shorts. wrinkled pants/jeans. slacks.

Author : Reallusion
File size : 23.2 MB
Required : CrazyTalk Animator 2.0 or above

Note: All composed characters shown in the webpages are for demonstration purposes and are not included in the pack.