Perform Learning Kit Demo Video Free with G2 PowerTools vol.1

" Perform Learning Kit " is designed to let users easily learn how to best sync motions and expressions to human voice, and create the reusable perform library which can be applied to any character in CrazyTalk Animator 2.

Contents Included:


These Source Projects shows all the secrets behind a good Perform creation. It keeps the source motion clips and timeline keys ready for your re-editing or repurposing.


94 cartoon voice professionally recorded for 6 distinctively embedded characters . The voices are so expressional, you can already feel the animations by the sound itself . You can find the most matching motion files in CTA2 to practice with.

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More in Library

37Perform Motion Files
Adding 37 Perform Motion files to your Perform library, and see the full talking animation for each character right away with one click.
37Voice Scripts
You can apply those Voice Scripts to any motion file, and create unlimited new combinations.

Learn by Example

In CrazyTalk Animator2, all the characters are lip-synching and expression-ready, allowing users to easily generate fantastic cartoon video with the base of voice. Users only need to import sound clip, match the body movement, and tweak the facial performance to get the best result. But what about some real samples?

In the Perform Learning Kit, we've included 37 original perform projects plus a tutorial video. You can step-by-step follow how we create wonderful perform animations with those design assets in hand. In addition to the source projects, you will get additional Perform motion files, cartoon sounds, and voice scripts that will appear in your library for any production need.

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