Sci-Fi Robots - Mechanical Bases


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This pack provides 3 kinds of Creature Base. Each one has a Creature Base- Bone and Creature Base- Skinned so users have more choices in their designs. The Creature Base- Skinned can be used with minimum effort, since the body is already built, while Creature Base- Bone requires users to fabricate it from head to toe. We also provide Body System Props for users to assemble their own creature.

Each Creature Base have specific motions, such as idle, walk, run, jump, attack and death. Some of the animation sequences of movement also include Sound effects. Users can use hotkeys to make the creature run or move- just like playing video games! With the IK ani system in iClone4, you can even make your own unique motions for your Creature Base!

Design ideas


 Pack includes :  
Creature Base x 6
  - Biped Robot Bone/Skinned
  - Centipede Robot Bone/Skinned
  - Hexapod Robot Bone/Skinned
Persona with Sound Effect x 3
Sound Clip x 16
Motion x 52
Props x 14
  - Cubical x 9
  - Organic x 5
File Size : 21.1MB
For iClone 4.12 or above!

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