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  • Modular Component Design
  • 3 Unique Architectural Styles
  • Mix and Match
  • Custom Textures to Change Shape


Construct everything from aqueducts to coliseums by piecing together classical Greco-Roman style components.

  • 6Column
  • 4Roof
  • 8Walls
  • 4Floors
  • 1Decoration

Stone Cottage

Build your own little humble holiday cottage by a lake or construct a massive Viking drinking hall with these rugged pieces.

  • 2Column
  • 4Roof
  • 8Walls
  • 4Floors

Wood Cabin

The rustic elements in this collection are all you’ll need to put together your little slice of solace in the woods.

  • 3Column
  • 4Roof
  • 8Walls
  • 4Floors


Product: Displacement Building Elements

Modular building elements provide you with the flexibility to easily assemble your own completely unique building designs. Included in this pack are various building elements from 3 specialized and universal architectural styles. Mix and match the separate styles into your own eclectic designs, and combine diverse texture and displacement maps for your own individual surface appearance and shapes.

Pack includes :

  • Modular Building Props x60
  • Greco-Roman House Prop x1
  • Stone Cottage House Prop x1
  • Wood Cabin House Prop x1


Author :Reallusion
File size: 237.00 MB (For iClone 6.0 or above)

List Price:

This pack is included in Displacement Power Tools

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