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In contrast to other iClone Motion Libraries, made with motion capture, the Cartoon Motion pack is meticulously created by professional animators using key-frame animation techniques. This sort of motion creation technique provides authentic cartoon-style motions which perfectly fit any stylized characters such as Mr. Pose, Jimmy Toon, Toon Maker characters and others. You can even use it on iClone Standard characters to give them a bit of a more cartoon-like presence.


Use this pack to allow your virtual characters to easily convey lively and spirited emotions that can enhance any sort of animated video or presentation. There are unique animations for a wide range of emotions, including happy, angry, impatient, and depressed. Combine those with idle, talking, and other motions related to social interaction such as shaking hands or refusing something. Physical symptoms such as yanws and sneezes are available, as are common emotions such as sadness and surprise, all reflected through powerful and energetic body motion. To top it all off, there are even a few awesome dance motions thrown in, from Michael Jackson spins to happy heel clicks!

What's Included

• Motion x 46

File size : 13.1 MB
For iClone 5.51 or above!

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