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This sampler is a condensed trial version of our comprehensive library of plantlife: Total Plants 2 - Botanical World. This varied selection of plantlife allows you to sample a little bit of everything, with plants coming from all types of regions and environments such as African, Asian, Highland, Broadleaf, Tropical, Cactus, Grass, Marine, and more!

Experience the new amazing iTree system with a huge improvement in visual quality, dynamic wind functionality, and seamless Level-of-Detail changes.

Pack includes :

  • 5 Cactus
  • 5 Marine Lives
  • 7 Asian Trees
  • 4 African Trees

  • 5 Tropical Trees
  • 13 Hiland Trees
  • 13 Broadleaf Trees
  • 14 Grass and Flower

Author : Reallusion
File size : 421 MB (For iClone 6.0 or above!)

List Price:

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