cartoon designs and caricatures - character morphs
create your own 3D characters resource


10  Pre-Made 3D Characters Ready for iClone

  • Fully compatible with CC Conforming Clothing, Hair and Accessory.
  • Fully Compatible with iClone iMotions, Face Puppet and Lipsync.
  • iAvatar and ccProjects formats are provided for iClone and Character Creator.

10  Iconic Body Morph Sliders to Mix and Blend

  • Quickly transform your characters into popular and unique cartoon style through easy morph slider adjustments.
  • Freely combine Stylized, CC Essential or other Morph Sliders to create your very own morph collection.
create your own morph
3D cartoon characters - morph mix

Practical Learning Resources

  • Go through the creation process of Slacker from the very beginning steps of design sheet conception, ZBrush sculpting, and facial expression fixing and enhancement.
  • Video and detailed instructional PDF is included, as well as all Morph Slider, .ccProject, and the ZBrush tool file.
  • A new stylized facial expression sample is included for you to apply to any of your stylized 3D toon characters.
create your own character - stylized pack

create your own character - stylized pack