Character Creator Essential Bundle - Clothing & Fabric
Character Creator Essential Bundle - Morphs & Skin
Character Creator Essential Bundle - Learning Resource


88 Casual Clothing Items to Freely Dress up Your Characters

  • Conformable Cloth Bases: Freely mix and match multiple clothing layers that adapt and conform to any body shapes.
  • Physics Accessories: Add more fashion elements to your outfits! Comes with Soft Cloth Physics effects for iClone.
  • Flexible Shoe Bases: Conform to all foot shapes. Sneakers, Flip Flops and Slippers can be applied to both male and female models.

19 Clothing Base

16 Pairs of Shoes

8 Accessories

64 Casual Styles

Character Creator Essential Bundle - 88 Casual Clothing Items
Character Creator Essential Bundle - 88 Casual Clothing Items

17 Diverse Base Avatars with Characteristic Appearances

  • Multiple quick starting bases that have morphs for both body and head. Come with authentic skin textures and effects.
  • Combinations of shape morphing and skin textures give your characters unique appearances based on race, age and fitness.
  • All characters created are fully-rigged and ready for animation in iClone 6.2 PRO and above.
Character Creator Essential Bundle - 17 Diverse Base Avatars

188 Additional Ready-to-use Presets

  • Advanced Body & Head Morphs: The most commonly used full body and head morph presets. Also comes with different ethnic looks.
  • Skin Varieties & Makeup Creations: Skin presets with ethnic skin tone variations, tattoos, and customizable skins. Put on daily causal makeup or change it up with fashionable look.
  • Cloth & Shoe Bases: 15 cloth meshes that come in 4 different preset styles for a total of 60 different varieties. 4 detailed shoe meshes with 4 preset styles for a total of 16 different pairs of shoes.
  • Physics Accessories: 5 accessory meshes in 2 preset styles for a total of 10 unique accessory presets.

Preset TypeEmbeddedEssentialTotal
Actor Project - Dressed21012
Actor Project - Base61824
Morph - Full Body6915
Morph - Body6915
Morph - Head141630
Skin - Normal61016
Skin - Special (Makeup)41418
Accessory - Torso088

Complete Customization for Skin & Cloth

  • Skin: 5 fully customizable skin layers that allow you to generate a wide spectrum of different character types and ethnicities by adjusting skin properties, body hair, makeup, wounds, scars, tattoos and more.
  • Makeup: Custom design your own makeup using masks to specify 7 different eye-shadow zones, 4 lipstick areas, and the shape of eyeliners. Customize your own brows, eyelashes patterns, and iris details with custom maps.
  • Cloth: 5 fully customizable fabric layers to allow you to create complex designs on cloth with rips, patches and other decorations. Unlock custom functions to input your own texture maps using patters, segments, decals, and patches.
Character Creator Essential Bundle - Customization for Skin & Cloth

232 Detailed Morph Sliders for Making Your Desired Figures Possible

  • Head: 148 morph sliders that allow hundreds of creative facial feature combinations. Use facial adjustment sliders to quickly generate standard human faces such as round faces, square faces, or even heart-shaped faces.
  • Body: 84 morph adjustment sliders to mold and shape every body parts from head to toe. Full Body Sliders to quickly generate standard human body shapes such as athletic, fat, skinny, or voluptuous.
  • Aging: Full-body aging sliders to quickly age your appearance. Detailed aging morphs are available to create crow’s feet and knobby finger joints.

Morph SlidersEmbeddedEssentialTotal
BodyFull Body6 7 13
Hand5 12 17
Torso8 16 24
Leg7 5 12
Foot6 9 15
HeadFull Head7 7 14
Forehead2 5 7
Eye13 47 60
Ear5 11 16
Cheek3 18 21
Nose8 38 46
Jaw5 15 20
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