Included with every copy of Character Creator (CC) is a variety of free, embedded content to help you quickly experience the excitement of character creation. This includes basic morphs, clothing, skins, makeup, accessories and presets for base characters. Use the fundamental modification sliders provided in Character Creator to tweak and change the overall look and feel of your avatars. Also take advantage of the poses, expressions, and stage elements covering true camera, along with studio lighting, post effects, 3D blocks, and much more to add flavor to your designs.
Easliy get and arrange these free assets via the intuitive Smart Gallery.

Character Creator v3.3 Update

Both SkinGen for dynamic skin and makeup creation, and CC3+ new character base were introduced in CC3.3 release.

CC3 default morphs and characters are now optimized as CC3+, and two sample CC3+ characters made with dynamic SkinGen materials - Caleb and Katherine can be found in Content Gallery.

To get the best real-time lighting experience on digital human shaders, please use light or atmosphere beginning with +DH_ . (Digital Human lighting optimized for CC3+ characters)

*See new CC3.3 content in action:

Project: Overview       |       Avatar: Overview      |       Stage: Male, Female       |       Atmosphere: Demo 1, Demo 2       |       Makeup: Full, Foundation, Eye, Eyelash, Lips, Eyebrow, Miscellaneous

Motion & Expression: Female, Male       |       Hair: Body, Beard, Scalp, Hairline

Install Resource Pack Directly Through the Smart Gallery

The installation of the free Resource Pack is easy thanks to the built-in Smart Gallery. Please log into your account and download the resource pack to experience the full functionality of Character Creator.

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