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Discover a wrinkle blending system that is incredibly user-friendly and effective for characters with both high and low polygon counts.

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Facial wrinkles are not just superficial details; they serve a deeper and more fundamental purpose of expressing our personalities. As our faces relax and complexions go blank, these wrinkles dynamically disappear, giving way to other expressions with their own set of unique wrinkles.

When it comes to digital actors, the inclusion of this complex system of wrinkles can make all the difference in having them appear truly life-like. While wrinkles are often disregarded as trivial, they are actually a crucial part of what makes us human, and their portrayal in digital characters can elevate their believability and relatability.


Our proprietary General Wrinkle system is designed to seamlessly enhance the appearance of CC3+ characters of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. With our system, you can generate wrinkles that blend perfectly with your character's skin tone and are fully compatible with SkinGen layer effects. Its advanced CC Wrinkle Shader enables high-resolution multi-texture blending, without sacrificing real-time performance.


Real Human Wrinkles from 3D & 4D Scans

Our wrinkle texture patterns are meticulously extracted and baked from a full set of high-resolution human expression scans. By creating complementary morph and wrinkle data within the guidelines of our stringent process, we can ensure digital human performances that are nearly on-par with real-life actors.

High-Res 4K Texture Maps

Experience the ultimate level of detail with our 4K high-definition wrinkle textures. Each set of wrinkles is carefully crafted with diffuse, normal, roughness, ao, and flow map textures, allowing users to customize the blend level of each map for the perfect appearance. And if you need to conserve space or optimize performance, our wrinkle asset library makes it easy to downsize to 2K textures without sacrificing quality.

Reactive Expression Wrinkles

Upon activation, the expression wrinkles are synchronized with the facial movements that are triggered by a range of animation tools in Character Creator and iClone. With tools that include key editors, puppetry, and look-at constraints to features such as lip-sync and facial mocap, you will never run out of options to bring out the most from your characters.


Influence Section

Expression Wrinkles are divided into 13 common facial regions that govern the wrinkles lines, crows feet, smile lines, and more. Users can intensify or neutralize any target region of the face, down to the individual channel map like Normals, AO, and Redness. The colored regions of the facial diagram indicates the set of texture maps that is currently being controlled for blending.  See Manual >   See Tutorial >

Wrinkle Sets & Facial Regions

The expression of wrinkles on a character's face is defined by three sets of wrinkle maps with each set corresponding to a specific wrinkle pattern. When certain expressions are performed, the corresponding texture blends are triggered at the targeted area at sufficient strengths. Learn more about the expression wrinkles and their corresponding morphs by watching the demo video below.  See Manual >




Live & Flattened Workflow

With our innovative flattening technology, you can save and load wrinkle textures and use your favorite image editor to make unique modifications that suit individual characters. You can also modify live wrinkle patterns while ensuring compatibility with all other CC3+ characters. This flexibility lets you bring your creative vision to life with greater precision and ease than ever before.  See Manual >

Wrinkle Crease Profiles

Get the perfect smile for your characters with our specially optimized wrinkle profiles designed for CC3+ facial topology. These profiles enhance the overall appearance of your character's smile, creating a more pleasant and inviting expression. To ensure seamless compatibility with your existing characters, apply one of these facial profile extensions before making any changes to your character's expressions.  See Manual >    See Tutorial >


Rate of Appearance

Looking to highlight the subtleties of your character's wrinkles and micro-expressions in their dialogue or emotional reactions? Rate of Appearance is the perfect solution. This feature allows you to increase the visibility of wrinkles during subtle expressions, or decrease their prominence to reign in intense emotions.  See Manual >

Flow Map

Wrinkle Constraints are a game-changer for creating complex facial expressions in Character Creator. These constraints prevent overlapping wrinkles from conflicting with each other when multiple morphs are activated at the same time. By unifying the wrinkle pattern across facial regions, Wrinkle Constraints ensure that your virtual character's expressions look natural and coherent, even when displaying extreme emotions.

Constraint Systems

Wrinkle Constraints are design to prevent from overlapping wrinkle textures when triggering multiple blendshapes at the same area. Such like when Brow Up and Brow Compress morphs both get triggered for a puzzled look, CC will display a dedicated wrinkle pattern instead to keep the authentic look.



Transforming static models into fully expressive characters has never been easier with the Auto Setup plugin for CC Characters. Now, you can replicate even the most intricate wrinkles and facial expressions seen in Character Creator right inside Unreal Engine, Unity, and Blender with just a simple FBX export. Onto the animation front, iClone Live Link lets you simultaneously create and edit motions for linked characters across these major platforms.

Download AutoSetup for Unreal | Unity | Blender