Cartoon Animator provides the fastest animation solution for people under the pressure of routine productions. It is perfect for marketers, trainers, YouTubers and organizations which require effective video communication for training, promoting, attracting subscribers and buyer attention.


Animated video maker showcase - creating YouTube video
Accomplish more continuous production and endless creativity to keep audiences engaged to your channel.
Animated video maker showcase - creating educational video
Nowadays people prefer watching videos than reading, so no matter if its for school or for companies - Cartoon Animator fits the bill!
Animated video maker showcase - creating animated comic
Animated Comics
Show them, don’t tell them! Illustrative videos is now the best way to get your ideas across in a minimal amount of time.
Animated video maker showcase - creating business video
From visual engagement to spotlight service introduction, product promotion, customer service and employee training.


Real-time Puppeteering to Create Character Animation

12 genre profiles define characters with different personalities from human to animals. Each profile gives you six distinctive mood controls like happy, sad, angry, smiley, surprise, or general. Know More >

Build a Scene with Depth of Field and Freely Place Actors & Props

Use the Preview Camera to review scenes, and the Live Camera to animate camera positions with key frames. Navigate scenes in Perspective mode to experience realistic 3D camera movements.
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For animated video makers to review the scene with depth

Give Life to Props - Elastic Motion System

Drag a motion effect to create 2D logo animation or instantly animate your image or text. Define how your prop gets into the stage, loops and emphasizes to catch your audience's attention. Further customize your own Elastic Motion Effects such as; making a prop bounce heavier, or adding turns when it pops-in.
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For animated video makers to create business animation


Complete Control
Over Your Animations

  • Facial Expression System
  • Generate life-like facial expressions from face puppet or mocap, support clip blending and motion curve editing. Know More >

  • Face Key Editor
  • Edit down to individual facial features, brow raising, mouth openings, eye rolling, blinking, and emotional expressions. Use sliders to precisely blend unique feature shapes. Know More >

  • 360 Head Performance
  • 3D like head movements can be guided by head turn gizmo, leaning forward and backward to drive the head scale by using webcam. Know More >

Intuitive and Precise Animation

Intuitive IK Motion Editing
The intuitive 2D in IK / FK system auto-switches so that characters posing for animation are fluid, and logical. Just lock the character feet for perfect non-sliding foot contact, and lock the character’s hand to get a precise interaction with props and scenes. Know More >
Smart Motion Retargeting
Unique animation feature translates motions automatically to various character styles with different body scale. Smart Motion Retargeting correctly applies the collected motion files to different body shapes, automatically aligns characters to the motion’s pose regardless of it’s initial pose settings, innovatively creates different motion performance styles. Know More >