2D Character Animation Editing

Animation Editing Enhanced with Dynamic Motions

Experience blistering fast animation process. Choose between premade characters and motions or making your own animated assets using intuitive tools. From powerful editors to secondary animation and lip syncing, you have complete control over the entire workflow.

Animate Character in Seconds

Add your preferred 2D and 3D motions from the extensive motion library for captivating character animations.

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Motion Key Editing

Sample motion clips into editable keyframes. Target certain body parts like the head and legs or optimize the keyframes to polish the motion.

Curve Motion Editor

By combining pose keys with curve motion, you can create professional cartoon animation in mere seconds.

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Spring Animation

Spring bones allow characters to jiggle and react to simple movements with secondary motion. This is definitely a fun feature worth trying out!

Exaggeration Animation

Do what the pros can! Create cartoonish effects like squash and stretch, anticipation, and follow through.

Intuitive IK/FK Character Animation

Forward and Inverse Kinematics control system lets animators express any movement. Whether it's fluid, uninhibited body motion or precise interaction with props, the resulting 2D character animation appears natural and lifelike.