About Pitch & Produce

The Reallusion Pitch & Produce program offers creators, studios, students and just about anyone; the chance to receive software, content and financial support to accelerate their projects! Whether you have a project in production, or simply wish to jump start something from scratch, Reallusion wants to hear from you! This season of Pitch and Produce we open the opportunity to both 2D and 3D creation. Any Reallusion tool used with your choice of rendering environments or game engines, can apply.

Give your Project the Push it Needs

Tell us about your game, film, animation, simulation, TV show, student film, or live event by submitting your proposal. Take note that you have more chances to be selected if you already have a work in progress that can help our committee visualize the quality and scale of your project. Keep on reading to see everything we offer.

2D Pipeline

The Reallusion 2D Pipeline is a cartoon character creation, animation, rendering and export tool that works with many other creative applications. Streamline simple cartoons to ambitious animations, with help from Cartoon Animator's 2D pipeline to effectively produce studio-quality animations with limited teams and budgets.

Compatible Tools:

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3D Pipeline

The Reallusion 3D Pipeline is a powerful system of character creation, animation, rendering, and deployment to other render and game engines like Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, ZBrush, Maya and more. Content creators can easily integrate iClone, Character Creator, and ActorCore into any workflow to ease the burden of production.

Compatible Tools:

Click to see the complete pipeline

What do you get if your Pitch is chosen?

Submit your proposal to receive the following exclusive benefits:

Educational Licensing - Discount & School License | Reallusion Learn
Receive Reallusion Software, Content, and Plug-ins
Direct tech support from us
Cash payment for behind-the-scenes video
Reallusion will invest in getting you media promotion
Frequently Asked Questions

The Reallusion Pitch & Produce Program offers generous support to many exciting projects and pipelines! Before submitting your proposal, please take a few minutes to review if your project qualifies for the program. We look forward to hearing from you, and good luck to all!

Season 1 Showcases

Ishan Shukla

"With more time and money spent on the creative side, we can finally dare to bring our most ambitious stories to life.Thanks to the Reallusion tools that have revolutionized the whole character creation and animation process."

Ishan Shukla - 3D Filmmaker


Farayi Chinyanga

"Perhaps the most beneficial part of the Pitch & Produce initiative was being put in touch with the Reallusion team. Their constant support and encouragement motivated us to keep moving forward. We are grateful."

Dr. Farayi Chinyanga – Director / Animator


Hi From the Future

"We have been using the Reallusion suite for over a year now, and have integrated them seamlessly into our CG real-time pipeline in conjunction with Unreal Engine.”

– Mark Rubbo - Creative Director and Co-founder

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Make your Pitch and Get Produced!

The Reallusion Pitch & Produce program is open to a variety of submissions. We invite you to submit projects that include Reallusion tools with other 3rd-Party software workflows, that demonstrate outstanding creativity and quality.

Submissions are encouraged in these categories:

Game Development

Film & Animation

Live Event Performance

Visualization & Simulation

Education & Research

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