Character Creator 3
Issue 8305
what are refunds options if i find the app too buggy to use
hi im a little over under 40 days with the app and have 48 crashes now..its starting to really get on my nerves there should not be this many bugs.

I have no problem spending money on your apps as ive demonstrated if you look into my account but at what point am i a free debugger who paid alot for an app. Seems unreasonable

where is a bugtracker timeline of valid reported bugs and the timeframe fixed? if that exists and looks good. I wont complain .but if this is ongoing and slow i will dump everything ive bought and come back later when the app is less buggy verses feeling aggravated and burned after a substantial amount spent on plugins chars apps etc. I haven't been seeing any build updates on anything recently so one has to wonder about focus and customer service.

What is an acceptable crash rate?
Acceptable app crash rate:

App crashes per user < 1 % App crashes per session < 0.1 % App crashes per screen view < 0.01 % Jul 27, 2021

also please dont divert asking about my hardware im a computer technician and built my supercomputer im in top 5 on any 3d bench avail cinebench blender all of them.

im not opposed to your developer teamviewing into my machine and watching it crash right in front of his face either
OS: Windows 10
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