Character Creator 3
Issue 8302
we need a orbital eye position tool for head shot
Ive run into this issue that seems like it can be solved easily

im requesting we add an orbital eye position widget right in the sculpt morph area or on the right side where the morph icon texture etc. where i can move eyes to iris match the source position quickly to assist in sculpting accuracy

yes you can do this in morphs with sliders but its not intuitive and takes much more time just searching for sliders ive found.

if you have non standard eye positions you are going to have to do a bunch of baking why not make it simple. Even a scale tool will be useful there as when you apply an eye material it may not match the source iris size. Again more time wasted looking for correct slider.

Also before you mention about the eye tool in the sculpt area look at this limitation its a time waster solved with a real eye moving tool like in a face puppet style profile free moving but here we want independent left or right eye check box

In the example video linked here me trying to adjust a left eye and the sculpt tool is constrained like i hit a wall trying to move the eye inward to match the source..this now would require a slider idea turns 3-5 minutes task into 4 secs
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byhobbyuser3d