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Issue 8852
transfer weight issues
so. i imported a hoodie. transferred weights. and i got this (see screenshots)

for a some reason weight transfer create weights in wrong places
and doesn't apply weight where it should. i tried to move up both hands but only one sleeve moved up

i tried to clean up the wrong weights

in one situation this app consumed all 35GB of free space on my hard drive, refused to apply ctrl+z and refused to save all changes i made (even after cleaning the hard drive from other temporary files)

in other situation i removed some weights. saved file, reopened it - and i still see them

bunch of freezes when i work with weight painting (even if i have i9 10900k, 32gb ram and rtx3080)

i disappointed. why i can't just import a hoodie from fbx file and use it?
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byeuphoreka7
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi euphoreka7

Sorry for the late reply, does this problem still exist?
Since we can't reproduce the issue in our environment and content, could you provide the hoodie fbx for us to check?
And we alse need the ccProject that include the wrong skin weight cloth.
You can upload the file to net drive and post the link in your next comment, please set it private if you need.

Thank you for your patience, regards.
results after transferring weight. why such a difference?
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weights on the right side applied correctly (with unneeded additions to the left side). but no way to transfer weights from right to left
i tried to press the button "right to left" in "mirror weights" but nothing happened. i mean CC_Base_L_UpperarmTwist01 didn't receive what CC_Base_R_UpperarmTwist01 has