Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 6184
import a image sequence; rasterized vectors, G2 & G3 confusion
1 - It would be great advantage if it would be possible to "import a image sequence", not only movies (as most animation programs do have this option - even Amiga in its golden years back in 1990) to CA4 to the background or to the image layer. If there would be more than one "image level", it would be great.
2 - It's good that the characters can be created as vectors. However it is disappointing that these vectors get rasterized in CA4. This way the advantage of scaling and small files is lost.
3 - Creating G2, and then G3, which is a different and incompatible system creates confusion. The customers are under the impression that G3 is a progression of G2, which is not. G3 should be named differently.
4 - The program is not designed from the animator's viewpoint and therefore not intuitive. You may go back and learn something from the Amiga's DeLuxe Paint interface, where was possible to create fast 2D and 2.5D animations, animated brushes and more in user friendly interface. Not only by intuition but by exact data input as well. Animators could create drawn or technical animations easily and fast ( Just enclosing a snapshot from animation a did at that time on Amiga 2000. Regards Pavel
OS: Windows 8.1
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