iClone 7
Issue 5892
iclone work very slowly after installing IrayRender
Since installing Iray Render I have problems with Iclone. The Menu open very slowly and the animation get only step by step. If I load an Example Project like Virtual Showroom2 it take more than 12 minutes to load so I stopped it. If I load several textures, the window from explorer opens and than - everything stands complete so I have to use the Task Manager to close the Program. If I de install the Iray Render, the Virtual Showroom is loading in a very short Time. But since this Time, iclone is still working slow, the Animation is very slow and sometimes iclone stands complete again. I de install all the programs, clean the Registry and install everything new - but iclone is still slow. Amazing is the correct Working of CC3, everything works correct. The newest driver are installed.
I worked many times with the support, but nothing changed. Yesterday, I saw: iclone is working correct, if any other Window is open and active in the front. If it gets in the Background, iclone is the active Window in the front and works slow. I beg for help, because I have to finish several Films vor a Company and iclone stay slow since Iray Render was installed.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAndu2
Too bad, you do not even get a response. Unfortunately it is a very bad support. I'm disappointed.
Hello Team,
I once tried the following: I have downloaded the application "Display driver uninstaller", because it is said that this much better residues with deletes. I have selected the options "GPU" and "Intel" and click on "Clean and Restart". Then download from "Intel Driver and Support Assistant" and install the latest Intel driver for the video card. Then I reinstalled the drivers for the Nvidia graphics card.
The problem that iClone7 runs slowly and turns off the graphics card in the active window has thank God solved.
What remains is that Bigboss Showroom Vol.2 no longer loads after installing Iray render after 75% load time, it depends on the step `lade iray material'.

best regards
Additional information
I have made a few more attempts and found the following:
If iclone works in the background and another window is active, then the graphics card works and iclone works properly.
If iclone is in the active window, the graphics card does not work and has 0 percent performance and iclone is slowly.
I ask you for help soon, thank you.
Thank you for your reply. 
We've already tried that before, but I did it again with the same result. The program does not work exactly.
Please check this: Kundenservice Anfrage : 155785 Here you can see what I have already tried with the support team.
Many projects load slowly, my example was:
To the exact description: After the loading of iclone the menus go on slowly, materials can be partly loaded no more, because the program with open Explorer freezes, Projects do not load anymore, because they take a long time to load, the animation of previous projects is jerky and slow, but if the task manager is active in the foreground (or Explorer, for example) the program will run normally!!!
The whole thing started with the installation of Iray Render for iclone 7 German. Previously iclone worked great although iray was already installed on CC3. CC3 works without any errors, even now, the menus are in the right speed and the materials work. We have already uninstalled everything, run registry cleaner and reinstalled, even without iray render, but the error persists in iclone.
I then uninstalled everything and installed the previous version of iclone 7.1, which worked well, but the error remains. Maybe the installation of iray render german might have written something in windows (registry or something)? When I install iclone and iray on my daughter's computer, everything runs just right.
Please be so nice and help me. I enclosed my file DxDiag.txt
Joanne (RL)
Hi Andu2,

Team supposes that Iray handles the materials all the time caused this issue.

Please help team to test:
* Close Iray Render tab first as the attached image, and then load the specific project 

1) Still takes long time to load?
2) "Animation is very slow and sometimes iclone stands completely" --> Does this situation get better?

Another question:
The project  "Virtual Showroom2 " you mentioned, is from this pack?

or can you provide it?

Thank you,
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