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iClone freezes on startup if laptop not primary display while connected to monitor
On a Windows 10 ASUS ROG Strix Hero II laptop connected to a monitor, using "Multiple displays > Extend these displays" and setting the monitor as the primary display causes iClone 7.41.2525.1 to freeze on startup ("Not Responding"). If I connect the monitor AFTER starting iClone it causes no issues. If I set the laptop screen to be the primary display and the monitor the secondary iClone starts without problems. The problem seems to be entirely connected to the laptop screen not being the primary display during start up.

The monitor is an iiyama PROLITE XUB2792QSU-B1.

It would be good if you could look into this issue.
OS: Windows 10
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Same problem... on my Two multi screen workstation (W10 - Nvidia RTX 2080 ti - RTX 2080 super : Studio driver)
Freeze on startup when 2 monitors or more are active : solution, I must deactivate all screen and keep only primary. All graphics drivers are up to date.

Another thing : when displace "smart gallery" on second screen -> freeze | motion live plugin dialog box -> freeze..
Very bad time consuming...
In case it's relevant, software I'm running in the background includes: Slack, Wacom Intuos Pro drivers, Skype, f.lux, Avast Antivirus, Discord, Firefox, Chrome.
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Hi jordy_834023,

I have got your file, we will check this issue.
Thanks for your help.

Here is the Dxdiag for my laptop (see attachment)
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Hi jordy_834023 ,

We can't reproduce this issue. Please provide DxDiag file to help us identify the problem. Attach the file in your next comment. 

To get the DxDiag file:
1. Select the "Start" menu, click "run" or press <Win Key> + <R>.
2. Input "dxdiag" & click "ok".
3. It will check your system for a while, after finish, click "save all information".
4. Save "DxDiag.txt".

Another related issue: If I have iClone on my secondary (monitor) screen and try to detach the Curve Editor into a separate window iClone crashes 
 every time. Only when I try the same on my primary (laptop) screen does it let me detach the window without crashing. Once detached I can move iClone and any of its floating windows back to the secondary monitor without crashing. However, if I close iClone with the Curve Editor or any other window detached on the second screen and then restart iClone, it crashes on startup.

To restore it to a working state, again, I need to disconnect the monitor, restart iClone, then reconnect the monitor, and later making sure to not have any floating windows on the secondary monitor when closing.

Something is consistently broken in how iClone handles multi-monitor set ups, either specifically with laptops, or in general.
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