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Dear Development Team,

Could you please include the curve editor into iClone 8 and other professional tools like onion skinning and mocap track editing etc so the
facial mocap would be more usable. Complete Crazy Talk 8 pipeline integration would be also nice.

Thank you,
Akos Szeki
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Can you guys please have something like A.I. Physic animation like Cascadeur? And please please up grade the environment and render engine for a photo realistic look? Although I like the UE4 integration I preferer to do my full animation scenes inside Iclone.
If you want CTA integration you might want to vote for it here and gives a detailed breakdown how it could be beneficial
Greetings and salutations! 

I would really appreciate the implementation of a clay model sculpting system for Character Creator 4 and iClone 8. 
I think that would put the CC, iClone and 3DXchange software ecosystem over the top. 
It would compliment well with the existing features such as rigging and animations. 
If your team can make this happen that would extend the usability of the product as well as future proofing it.  
If you could also improve the quality of the animations, mocap and rigging in any way with more user friendly features that would also help. 
Ultimately, I would like to do all my work within the Reallusion ecosystem and then export it to Unreal or Unity for completion.

Thank you for your time, cheers!
A larger price cut for iclone 8 pipeline would be nince or include the curve tool,xchange, and motion live features. Live Face is more of a preview toy version than an actual production tool. So the Price is unjustified. Maybe  50-99 $ could it be worth at maximum.
I  use Crazytalk for low end games. And I would use iClone facial animation  tool as a base as it needs an extreme large amount of refinement afterwards to be useable in real animation.
As for now I create the rig and tweak the animation(including curves) in blender and unity, but would rather do it in one place in iclone if possible at a higher quality. I could use maya as well but it didn't offer more features. It would be great to edit the facial rig to facial mocap trasitions (blend shapes or if bone based weights) .

Thank you,
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