iClone 7
Issue 7562
Zoom view to selected bone
Please add a function to sync what bone is selected in the viewport to the correct curve in the curve editor or sync what keys are selected in the timeline so you never have to guess or search for it and also so you can be sure it's the same keys you are working on

Having to select the bone and then manually having to search for it in the curve-editor is a slow process.

Also make it possible to hide un-used keys in the curveeditor or make them visible "on use only"..i.e make it a selectable feature to show only curves for those bones that actually are added in the timeline.. Easier to keep focus and remove all the clutter

It's still a lot of "back and forth" and a tremendous bunch of things that needs to be clicked continously in the Reallusion suite that a computer could make 1000 times better and faster if someone @Reallusion took the time to see the problems.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydoubblesixx