Character Creator 3
Issue 7251
You guys really need to think about how the market place works
This is stupid. I know you guys / affiliates want to make money but having an email sent with 1000 "free" DA-points is all good an all to get people hooked but having items that are essentially textures, not actual items in the store is fooling people.

So I got 1000 DA-points, never used any and I will NEVER buy any but i had a look in the store to see if there was anything useful. I saw this product

Great! I don't need to model suits. I "buy it" and I download it from the content browser in CC. I apply the cloths to my character and all of a sudden I see a watermark. I start to investigate why... I mean, I bought the package... I now know WHY it has 1 star in the marketplace. It's textures...

Why would you have this on the marketplace at all? It should not even show up as something you can buy IF you haven't actually clicked on the models the textures are connected to. This item should NOT be seen unless the suite has been clicked on in the store.

Stuff like this pisses me off, it's clearly intended to force people to buy more and it makes you guys look dishonest.
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Submitted byKenneth Silver
Good to know.
I would like to add to this discussion as I think iClone products are a money pit due to the way assets are marketed. You can't really buy anything unless you own hundreds of dollar of "essential" assets first. Essential assets should be a part of the product and not something that requires a major investment. Without having all these "essentials" you can't buy anyone's stuff in the marketplace because they all require the essentials.