Character Creator 3
Issue 6036
Workflow Improvements

I have several suggestions for you to improve the workflow in CC3:

1) Proper multi-monitor support
I'm using a 4 monitor setup and was a bit sad to find out that CC3 does not support a good workflow with multi-monitor setups. I can tear off panels which is good so I can move them to another monitor. However, panels which are now in their own window cannot be combined with other torn off panels like it is possible in the main window (stack panels or make them appear as tabs). Then after I meticulously arranged my preferred window setup I selected the menu item "Window | Workspace | Save Layout" in hope CC3 would restore my arrangement correctly - it doesn't. When restoring my saved layout all windows are thrown onto the main monitor where the main window is opened. :-(

2) Shortcuts & Re-mapping of shortcuts
Add shortcut for all actions. For example, there are no shortcuts for toggling the visibility of the selected object or open/close mouth, eyes, etc. Even 'Render Image' is missing a shortcut while 'Preview' has one which is kind of weird. To top it off I would like to see remappable shortcuts to customize everything the way I prefer like putting some shortcuts on my extra mouse buttons for quicker access.

3) Content Panel
Add shortcut for navigating up when mouse button for "Back" is pressed like it does work in many other applications (Web browsers, File explorers).
Maybe also add "Forward" action on mouse button press. This would require the Content Panel to have some kind of history like the mentioned applications have.

4) Scene Navigation
I would highly appreciate if you could add an option to switch navigation style to what Unity allows you to do for fast scene navigation. Basically it works like this:
- Hold down right mouse button in the scene view
- The mouse cursor (in Unity) indicates you that you are now using FPS style scene view navigation which means:
- You can fly around with your camera using AWSD keys for left, forward, back, right, respectively as well as QE for down and up.

That's all I have for now. :-)

OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byandgeno
Is any dev/mod reading here at all? I'd like to know what you guys think.