Character Creator 3
Issue 7366
Why is there only white people in CC3 Base Character Pack?
I need more diversity in my characters but there are only white people, Why?
I have to pay more to have Black and Asian people, Seems a little racist.

there is a dark skin for fingernails but thats it. why would you give us dark skin shader for fingernails but not anything else? heads, body, etc..

Can you please add Black and Asian people characters for free to use please.

Seems to me with everything going on in America, people could assume that you company is racist by only having white people and if you want diversity you have to pay more.
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Submitted byzombiefrogproductions
But I understand what the person is saying if you market to the world then you have to include the world. It is the same thing with Cartoon Animator and seems to have gotten worse as time goes on. In the beginning, Cartoon Animator let you make the characters any color you wanted them to be. As time went on the option slowly disappeared and with 4 and 5 there is no option and most of the characters are white. Just because it is made in Taiwan doesn't mean that there is no bias in skin color. Asians can have bias too.
I feel your pain!!
I'm sorry if that came across mean, wasn't my intention. I wasn't insulting RL, nothing in my message says that I'm calling RL racist, just that it could appear that way. Don't get me wrong I love character creator and iClone and would hate to see it go through some sort of drama due to this matter and their development gets halted.
Wow, man! You certainly could have phrased your question better. I've wondered the same thing but figured they just either needed to add more minorities to their team or have their attention brought to the need for further variety. JFYI, honey sweetens things, hammers break things.
Can't you just make a simple request without insulting RL? Also, for your information Reallusion originates from Taiwan.