Character Creator 4
Issue 10683
When you make a change to a material, the Material List jumps to a new location and loses your place
I originally posted this as a support ticket, #241162. Rampa confirmed and asked me to post it in Feedback Tracker.

I am trying to fix textures on an imported model, and it proved so difficult that I want to start over with just the base color maps and see if I could consolidate textures BEFORE I start loading in PBR maps.

Here's what's going wrong:

0. Before trying to duplicate my problem, please sort the Material List by material name by clicking on the Material Name column header.
1. I select a Material from the Material List with a texture, such as a Roughness map, to be deleted.
2. I click on the map to delete in the Texture Settings panel, in order to select it.
3. I click the Delete button in the Texture Settings panel.
4. CC4 deletes the texture, but then loses my place by selecting another item in the Material List!

This has happened several times today on other kinds of adjustments. But also, it was just today I discovered you can sort materials by name. I think the program may be trying to re-select the same material for whatever reason, but using the index of where the material WOULD BE in the list, if the list were not sorted.

Since this began happening, it will not stop, even if I reload the character and do not sort the materials by name.
OS: Windows 11
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