iClone 7
Released in 7.2
Issue 3674
When launching Edit Motion Layer, iClone should remember the previous setting for IK/FK Mode (updated resubmit)
I am reopening this issue (3586), because even though it is marked as "Solved", the problem still persists in the release version of 7.1.

In Edit Motion Layer, we can now choose between IK and FK Mode.

What I expect to happen is that the last selected mode (IK or FK) is remembered when I close and then reopen Edit Motion Layer. However, this is not the case after FK Mode has been selected. In that case, Edit Motion Layer will always open in FK mode, even when the last selected mode is IK.

In other words, once the FK mode has been selected, it will always be the default. This is a problem when trying to open the Motion Layer editor for characters that don't have an FK mode, such as the iClone Horse; opening the editor simply fails.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start iClone, load and select a character, and then launch Edit Motion Layer. The editor will open in IK mode.

2. Close Edit Motion Layer and relaunch; the Mode is still IK, as expected.

3. Select FK and close Edit Motion Layer.

4. Launch Edit Motion Layer; the mode is still FK, as expected.

5. Select IK and close Edit Motion Layer.

6. Launch Edit Motion Layer; the mode is still FK, although IK is expected.

7. Load a Horse character.

8. Try to launch Edit Motion Layer; it fails.

The only way to open the Motion Layer editor for the Horse is by first opening it for a CC character, selecting IK, and then selecting the Horse.

In view of this, I believe that the desired behavior should be as follows:

A. If a character does support FK, the last setting should be remembered (IK or FK).

B. If a character doesn't support FK, the mode should revert to IK when the Motion Layer editor is launched.

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OS: Windows 10
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