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Issue 3719
We need a 64b version...
Hello Reallusion,

iClone is becoming more and more powerful, but 3DXChange is stuck to its old 32b version, which greatly limits the size of the assets imported or exported.
It is kind of a pity that 3DXChange has not been upgraded to 64b yet, because this makes it impossible, for example, to import highly-populated crowds from SW like AnimaXYZ, which is an amazing supporting SW for iClone.
In other words, 3dXChange severely limits the possibility to cretae and render scenes in iClone populated with thousand of characters.
There are surely other examples to justify the needs for a 64b version.
I am sure I am not alone to ask for this, so I really hope that you would consider a 64b upgrade, as much as you did with iClone5, when you moved from 32b to 64b with one of the upgrades.
I am also sure that the rendered results in iClone, once 3DXChange makes it possible to import huge assets, will be an amazing and additional promo for your SW.

Kind regards

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Submitted byRobertoColombo
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The 32 bit version has been creaking at the seams for some time now. With heavy duty add-ons and plug-ins it is past time to upfate this package.
YO, i often use stuff from DAZ, sometimes 3DXchange crashes by loading,
sometimes, and that's worse, crashes wenn exporting to iClone after i made several subprops.
So you loose time and work when it crashes when exporting to iClone!
Several users report it is not possible to use the powerfull potential of Anima 3 for crowds due to 3DXchange.
And there are several other examples of bad workflow due to 3DXChange 32 bit...
So, please GO FOR IT!
I totally agree.  The Iclone Pipeline version is as good as his weakest link which is the 32 bit 3dxchange application.  This is a "must have" feature for any serious work.

Thank you.
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