Character Creator 3
Issue 7114
We need Bind-Pose in CC, iClone and for DAZ Transformer
With latest introduction of Bind Pose, which supposed to replace a T-pose for cloth creation routine, the entire workflow for Cloth Creation in External apps has been changed.

Now we need to create, rig and weight paint cloth in this new Bind Pose, which is sort of an A-pose, but not quite.

However, when avatar with newly created cloth imported back to CC, the avatar is returned in T-pose.

This is wrong. It supposed to come back in Bind Pose to prevent deformations from the original, which was weighted in Bind Pose. The Cloth/Shoes must be conformed in this pose as well.

Moreover, in iClone all Physics enabled cloth, which was created in Bind Pose must have simulation started in this Bind Pose as well, as oppose to T-pose.

I strongly suggest that Bind Pose be available in CC and iClone side by side with T-pose.

And even more. We need this Bind-Pose for all DAZ avatars brought through transformer, so that is it standard across the platform.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by4u2ges