Character Creator 4
Issue 10869
Using Explorer on Windows 10 with CC/IC very slow
Hello, when for example dragging an image from Windows Explorer onto a diffuse map in the modifcation panel it takes about 1-2 seconds to perform this step. Meaning , when i start dragging, a small thumbnail is generated showing the image used, but doesnt move to the target in CC4. It follows extremely slow or even not at all the mouse cursur. Even when ignoring this and moving the mouse cursor quickly over to CC4, it takes quite long to finish the whole step and loading the image. This has happened on 4.31 also, so not version specific.
This also happens in Iclone8, but only on Windows 10 (haha).

Windows 7 does this in a way shorter period of time with CC4 and Iclone8.
Same machine,same hardware. On WIn10 no anti virus software is running, defender is disabled and any realtime data scanning is OFF.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byK_Digital