Character Creator 4
Released in 4.3
Issue 9278
Using Accurig in CC4 to convert a CC3+ rig to Humanoid and exporting with UE preset does not create a UE compatable rig.
1. Load default CC3+ character
2. Run Accurig to re-rig the character (to Humanoid)
3. Export character with UE preset
4. Compare this exported rig to a CC3+ character exported rig (using UE preset for both)

I have spoken to Rampa in support about this. A CC3+ character exported from CC4 using the UE preset exports a rig that is directly compatable with UE Mannequin. There is no retargeting required. Also, the humanoid preset characters in CC4 (such as the wolf character) also export with the same UE compatable rig. Also, Rampa says the Accurig standalone app exports humanoids with UE compatable rigs.

So, I don't understand why creating a humanoid from CC3+ inside of CC4 does not? I would like to be able to do this. It allows me to edit bone locations and re-rig easily inside of CC4.

OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byOokamiOokami
Hi Calvin,

I just did a recording and was confused why it was working now. Then I realized I'd forgotten a critical point: This only happens when using the InstaLOD > Merge Material feature on export and is specific to CC3+ characters run through Accurig inside of CC4.  

You should be able to reproduce it easily (does it every time for me) but here is a video. At the end I compare the rig structure with the same re-rigged (Accurigged) character exported without using InstaLOD > Merge Material.
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Hi muchogrande,

Thanks for your feedback!
Could you record a screen video to reproduce the issue?
Please upload the video to YouTube and attach the link in your comment.
Thanks for your help!