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Issue 3426
Update of 7.01.714
I am getting a recommended update for Iclone 7.01 to 7.01.714 When I download the update My Iclone 7 turns white and will not launch the program. Even if I delete the white Icon and go directly to the program it will not launch. I have to uninstall the Iclone 7.01 and reinstall. Is this a real update or a virus I have received? Thanks for your help.

I do not know if I am in the proper place to send this inquirer.

Mike Bowcutt
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byscarimike
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, Mike,

I have got your DxDiag file, thank you.

Please also confirm that, is the 7.0.0619.1 working fine? and if you patch to 7.01.0714.1 again, will iClone still crash?
If so, please get the crash dump for us, thank you.

Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

We did launched a 7.01.0714.1 patch few days ago, it is a real update.
If you uninstalled and reinstalled iClone 7, it should be 7.0.0619.1 now. Does is working fine?

If you would like to help us identify the problem, you can patch it to 7.01.0714.1 again.
If it crashed again, please provide your DxDiag file and the iClone crash dump file for further checking.

To get the DxDiag file:
1. Select the "Start" menu, click "run" or press <Win Key> + <R>.
2. Input "dxdiag" & click "ok".
3. It will check your system for a while, after finish, click "save all information".
4. Save "DxDiag.txt".

To get the crash dump file:
Download the zip file with the link below, inside the zip you can find the description about how to generate the crash dump.

You can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and email the link with "FT3426" in the email title to