iClone 7
Issue 7927
Unlink doesn't update pivot coordinates from relative to world
- after unlinking an object (prop, character) its pivot coordinates are not updated to world coordinates, therefore remaining wrongly in the world with previously relative coordinates. Consequently, at relinking (ie directly link from object to another) its pivot coordinates are not updated to the relatives to the new parent.

Steps to reproduce:
- new project
- add a plane at 0,0,0
- add a cube at 0,0,0
- link the cube to the plane
- move the plane at 0,100,0
- cube coordinates are correctly 0,0,0 (linked, relative)
- unlink cube from plane
- cube coordinates are wrongly 0,0,0 because he's unlinked at 0,100, 0 (world)
- additionaly, if you select the cube and the click "Reset (zero out)", nothing happen, cube still remain at 0,100,0 because its pivot coords still thinks it's at 0,0,0

As a reference, the Attach/Detach are working properly - detaching immediately updates the coordinates from relative 0,0,0 to 0,100, 0.
Honestly, I don't remember to encounter this problem prior in IC7.8 or earlier, but I'm almost sure not.

I now have serious problems with aligning and joining animations for linked/unliked characters. Please let me know if I am the one who made a mistake or, in case it's a bug, if there's a workaround for it until will be fixed.

Thanks in advance!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAmper Sand