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Issue 9526
USD Export - Materials Are Written as 'Unbound'
Hey folks.

When I perform a USD export of a character from CC4 and then open it up elsewhere in another DCC the materials do not link up despite that they are exported. I'm a Houdini user. When auditing the sublayers and scene data it is shown that the prims are authored so that materials are unbound as shown in the screenshot. This is an error or oversite at the time of export from CC4 I believe. I noticed the same thing happens for iClone 8 when testing. I validated this as true in multiple DCCs when importing USD characters from Reallusion apps.

There is no option during your export process for the user to explicitly ask for material binding. This means the user then has to manually do this in their DCC which is incredibly tedious. I would like to know if you have a workaround that I'm not aware of to resolve this on export and if not can you please update CC4 and iClone 8 with some urgency to address this as this is a major time sink in a production sitution.

Thank you for your time and insight!




I'm aware that your export works in Omniverse but I'm certain some other step is occuring under the hood in that exchange. A stand alone USD file should be universally usable in DCCs that support it, not just Omniverse. Thank you again for taking a look at this!
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Submitted bytobias.steiner
I'm new to this, and tried for the first time today using the Omniverse version of Blender to open an exported USD from CC4 and the materials didn't follow. Would be great to have this just work without having to live sync or whatever that is. Also CC4 and iClone should also be able to open USD files and not just export them. Hopefully that is also in the pipeline. 

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Hi tobias.steiner,

What DCC are you planning to use?
Does this DCC have NVIDIA Omniverse Connector ? is this connector bidirectional?
if so, you can try live sync from IC/CC to omniverse server and auto sync to your DCC?