iClone 7
Issue 7194
Turntable bug
I'm trying to create a simple turntable the spins 360, I got the first spin but it's unloopable and the turntable is spinning where there is no data / keyframe, iclone is possessed. lol -

link to project file - good for 7 days from this posting.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byplanetstardragon
Thanks 4u2guess,  I'll try that -  i was trying to get 1 rotation and it always spun back and forth for no apparent reason,  after I got through the spaghetti I made in this project lol,  I finally saw how it happened in curve editor ...for no apparent reason It takes a a sudden backward turn at around 3/4's of the way,  this has been a mystery and a ghost hunt for me ever since I started using iclone,  because it particularly show itself when keyframing characters and they suddenly act erratic ...I thought I finally caught this ghostly bug in a project! ( in a sense I still did since the sudden change shows consistently in curve editor, so there is infact a ghost in the machine! lol )  -  didn't know values were recognized beyond 360 ..thanks for the tip! :D
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Hi planetstardragon,

Yes,there is a transform key in 377 frame for Cylinder(0) Transform track.Delete it,and Cylinder(0) will not turn back.If you want to find the ghost key,you can set" Fit to Window" in Timeline,and you will see all keys.

Just use Z transform rotation and give it something like 2000 value for instance. It will loop 5.5 times.
hah,  found the ghost movement,  the 2nd platform had a motion i must have keyframed by accident,  but it's still like trying to solve a puzzle to get a simple 360 turn,  trying again now!