iClone 7
Issue 6836
The option to increase or popup Virtual Memory settings should be added to preferences with the suggestion to increase it up to 30 GB
Reallusion, you probably get a lot of people complaining that their project no longer opens and they ask you if you can fix it, likely because they overloaded the scene beyond their computer's memory.

*If the scene was overloaded perhaps an option with the "failed to load" message gave them the option or a simple message to switch iClone's shader to minimal mode and then try opening the project again.

*Ever since discovering that heavy projects would crash iClone until I set my virtual memory settings to 30 GB when creating Indigo Renderer files, I've never had anymore problems but I'm still seeing others have the problems and not knowing the solution. This means people probably blame iClone, give up on iClone and have deleted their important project files thinking it was broken or all of the above.

*I understand you might be creating a caching system for iClone 8 that might resolve these issues and that would be awesome but I hope you let the power users beta test it to see if we can max it out.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi