iClone 7
Issue 8286
The modify panel in iClone is very crowded and tedious. Sliders would be quicker.
Think about the thousands of times a user will tweak items in a scene. It all adds up. X, Y and Z need their own nine separate lines for translation, rotation, and scale. I've been using Daz forever, and iClone is superior, but when it comes to tweaking transforms, it drives me nuts. There are some things you can learn from the Daz parameters gadgets.

BTW, in general, when you get into tweak mode in iClone, the screen just downright gets cluttered. I don't ever feel that with Daz. The Motion layer editors, etc, should pop up on panels, not over anything.

It can take a long time to get where you want to go, guessing a number to type into the modify panel. Using a slider is faster and more visual. The up/down clicker is great for tweaking the precise end of a change, but not for starting a major one. It doesn't have to be a straight copy. You can have the slider and then the same up/down clicker to the right or left. Daz has the slider in the middle with the up/down + and - on the extremes.

Also, the ability to type actual math into the fields everywhere would be great. It greatly helps with rotations. If you want something twice as far away, type in *2 and the end and see the result. Need a formula? Type it in. Daz got that right. It's really helpful.

Okay, now we're zooming through our tweaks with a great and less cluttered modify panel. It scrolls more, but it's just more freaking useful. Now, what about the timeline?

Here's where you can open amazing vistas for old farts like me who find puppeteering with a mouse, even at half speed a tense operation. For me, that's like gaming, which I was never good at. Face puppeteering seems so easy in the tutorials, but I always flounder at it. Give us a SECOND modify panel for the timeline. As we scrub through the animation, give us a long list of modifiers to slide or click through. I can go back and tweak the keyframes that I created on the timeline later.

I'm talking about face keys, expressions, motion layers and FULL hand poses. The motion layer editor should have right-clickable FULL basic male and female hand poses in it anyway, that we can then tweak. Let us scrub through and tweak via an enhanced modify panel with sliders and clickers. I'm not saying get rid of the system that's already there. The motion layer editor is fantastic, but imagine it with its own modify panel that changed depending on what's clicked on. Give another more technical numbers and math way of doing the same thing as we scrub through.

The translation values are dead on an avatar that's being affected by a motion clip. That's fine for tweaking the starting point, but we should probably have a separate set of nine coordinates for both the starting and the current location. Not that we want to tweak current location, which we might if they are flying. But it helps to know where they are currently relating to other objects as we scrub.

And finally, let me throw this in there should be a field in the modify panel, the timeline, and the motion layer editor that is blank, but that allows you to automatically save a keyframe X number of frames before the tweak we're about to do. If nothing is in the field, it operates as before. I would kill for these features.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byJeffster The Mighty