Character Creator 4
Released in 4.02
Issue 8508
Texture errors while baking DAZ character during import
1. Save a DAZ Studio G8 character in FBX format
2. In CC4, click "Transformer/CC3+" then "Advanced"
3. Bake the textures for the character at 4096

The character appears, but the body texture is bad/wrong. I've attached 2 attempted imports (different DAZ characters). I was going to upload the Avatar, but it is too large zipped. I can send it upon request.

Note: The diffuse skin textures appear to be baked properly, so maybe there is an additional layer or material being set (default?) to cause the character to not render properly in the viewport.

Work-around: Import the character using CC3, then drag and drop the resulting character into CC4 custom character folder. (This seems to be working properly.)
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byJimDHart
Glad to know it's not just me.  It seems to have something to do with the normals.  If you remove them or turn the strength to 0, then it looks okay.  Will be nice to have it fixed.
It is a pity CC4 was released with so many bad bugs in Transformer.  It is unusable like this and I hope it gets fixed soon.  The problem you are seeing here is messed up Normal maps and I fix this by deleting the normals and making bump maps from the diffuse.  Not ideal but it works ok.  I get loads more issues though and I am annoyed that this issue isn't assigned to anyone yet.  I have put it in the tracker as well and the response to a comment is that they hope to fix it ASAP.... but surely it should be in assigned status if we hope to see any fix for it soon!!  Not to mention all the other Transformer bugs.  Iwas excited to get CC4 but so far it has been a big let down!
There is actually much more wrong with Transformer as Mike Kelley illustrates in this video: .
I have the same issue.
I got the same problem.

Using Transformer in Advanced mode in CC4 to bake textures gives a weird result. I tried a couple of times with different DAZ characters always with bad results.

The same FBX file with the same Texture INI profile in CC3 gives the correct result

I hope this can be fixed soon.
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