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Issue 7725
Take action against hackers
I have noticed that as soon as new version of Reallusion product is released hackers also release its cracked pirated versions which are widely available over internet. Please make a difference between us who are spending thousands of dollars on Reallusion products and those thieves who use it without spending any single cent. Most of them have created their personal websites where they upload it, and sometimes also make videos on YouTube with their download links.
It's my request that please take action against them, and next versions should be created in that way that no one could make their crack. If this is not possible, then instead of making it a paid software, make it completely free as a freeware software.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjamalpsychologist
Well, if the pirate sells it to me at a more accessible price, I prefer to spend that money instead of paying 1000 dollars again to obtain updates which would have to be free (I am talking about the Character Creator and the iclone)
Reallusion should also take action against those who are uploading videos on YouTube with pirated IClone download link. You should at least report YouTube against them. Here you can see I just wrote "download iclone" and a lot videos appeared in front of me which have pirated IClone link in their description.
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Jamal,

We have dealt with some of the pirated cases already, and we will enhance the protection of our products. Many of the pirated softwares have trojan horses or ransomware hidden in them. We want to remind everyone not to use softwares whose origins are unknown and protect copyright.

Data Juggler
Google is partially to blame for this. I go searching for almost any software, and you see IClone 7 Crack in the list of recommended searches.

My recommendation for Reallusion is create an entry level version, that doesn't come with support, and the number of users would be like Blender.

The sales from content items would go through the roof with a 1,000 times as many users.

Some Blender videos get millions of views, where IClone from the best people gets few thousand usually.