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Issue 6772
Synchronize Visibility of Selection in Edit Motion Layer and Curve Editor
I really would like to be able to see the relevant graph lines in Curve Editor synchronized with the selected body part in Edit Motion Layer and visa versa.
In that way I can immidiately see the effects of what I am doing in Edit Motion Layer in the Curve Editor and visa versa.
A huge winner, I think.
OS: Windows 10
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Hi, e.loonstijn
Thank you for the advice.
As I know, in the FK mode, the behavior just like you said - the parts and curve nodes will be synchronized, however, in the IK mode, it's hard to display which bones will affect by IK effector, but once we can display the IK effector in Curve Editor, that would be doable.
Hello iClone-FeedbackTracker,

I got ander email form Feedback Tracker, stating that there is a new comment, and I should see the comment in this link, however...

I try to see the comment that you refer to, but the link does not show any comment????
Am I doing something wrong?

The only thing I see changed is the status from New to Active. I door not know what that means.
Greetings, Eddy Loonstijn
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Hi Eddy,

About the email you got from Feedback Tracker, it may happen if someone leaves a comment but then remove before you see it.
The system won't send email notification for status change. 
The 'Active' status means the issue has been reviewed, and will be assigned for further action.