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Issue 6896
Suggestion: make CA4 resize the replacement sprite to match the one being replaced
This is another efficiency improvement request. Here's a workflow example. I have built a prop or a character only to discover that the resolution is not high enough so when I zoom in, it starts to look washed out, which, I am sure is something very familiar to many users. So I prepare a high res sprite to replace the old one. When I go into Sprite Editor in the Composer Mode to switch the sprites, it loads the high res one but now it blows it up across the screen. I understand why: because the new one takes up more pixels, but I don't think it would be a whole lot of effort for the developers to make CA4 smart enough to scale the new sprite to the size of the original one! I'm sure many users can relate to that: when you build a character with 20 or 25 sprites and you have to manually resize and reposition every single one of them - it's a lot of extra clicks! Same happens when you replace a nose or mouth or eyes with one from the content manager.

As an IT guy, I know that it is a fairly simple thing to do. CA4 already knows the size of the sprite, as well as its XY coordinates on the screen, so it should be a pretty easy task to place and resize the replacement sprite so it does not require much (if any) resizing/repositioning. Same with content manager facial parts. When I apply a new nose or a mouth to my character, I think CA4 should be able to figure out the required size and position of it - at least approximately - especially if the character has a template bone structure; the size and position of the head is already known!

Bottom line: I'd like for CA4 to be able to resize and reposition the replacement sprite to match the size and position of the one being replaced. If implemented, it will save a ton of mouse clicks to the users.
OS: Mac OS 10.15
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Submitted bycandlelight2007
agree about resizing. I have a dog character who has 2 types of ears when rotating head. Adjusting the sprites was so difficult, matching the size, etc. Considering the different variations of the head, e.g. up, down left, right and everything in between. If you get the sizing wrong once, there will be sprites going out of place when rotating head, jumpy.