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Issue 706
Stylized Oldies Avatar and Dress-Up2- Workwear
Since I purchased these two accessories for my CT8 Pipeline for MAc. My CT* keeps crashing. I reported it and it was suggested to install, delete, install, etc. I tried this, I also tried re-installing CT8 and all of the resource packs, still it crashes. I have custom avatars that I have been designing for months, now I am afraid I will lose my work. Do I need to get rid of my new purchases? Will my CT8 Pipeline work properly again? I enjoy your products and wish to expand, but I am very hesitant. When will this problem be rectified? I have work to complete and this is becoming quite frustrating. Do you have folks out there that test these products that are users like myself, or is it all done in a lab?
Thanks for you time, hope this will be fixed soon. My creativity is important to my well being.
Be well my friends.
OS: Mac OS X 10.11
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Submitted bywanderingwallace
Hello Wallace:
I had the same exact problem. They did resolve my problem too. They are providing a patch to resolve this issue in the future.

All respect to Reallusion, this is their guideline to fix this.

Temporary Workaround Patch Procedure for Installing: Stylized Avatars Combo, Dress Up - Showtime, Dress Up 2 Work-Wear, Party Fun-Hair & Accessories, and Realistic Human 100

1. Please make sure you've installed CrazyTalk Stylized Avatars Combo first. This is because only Content Downloader
v2.18 can work with CrazyTalk Stylized Avatars Combo. Content Downloader v2.18:

2. Once done, please delete Content Downloader program (including the Downloader folder) at: -
\Library\Application Support\Reallusion\Downloader

3) Please download & install the Content Downloader v2.17 program: -
Note: Only Content Downloader v2.17 can work with the following add-on packs: -
Dress Up 2-Work Wear, Dress Up – Showtime, Party Fun - Hairs & Accessories, Realistic Human 100

Here are the steps I took to fix this crashing of CT8 Pipeline for Mac with the same OS: Mac OS X 10.11.


0. Deleted OLD RLDownloaderR2 folder from\Library\Application Support\Reallusion\Downloader
1. Downloader 218_EMU.dmg Installer
2. Install Downloader 218_EMU.dmg Installer
3. Installed each of the Stylized Combo Packs
4. Reallusion Content Downloader - SELECT - Overwrite all existing Stylized Avatar Combo Pack
5. After step 4 - Delete the Downloader 218_EMU.dmg Installer after installing Stylized Avatar Combo Pack
6. Downloader 217_EMU.dmg Installer
7. Installed Downloader 217_EMU.dmg Installer
8. Install each of the DressUP 1&2, Party Fun, Human 100 Contents
9. Respective Reallusion Contents Downloaders - SELECT -  Overwrite all existing DressUP 1&2, Party Fun, Human 100 Content

10. CrazyTalk Animator 8.1, Contents Functioning Well.

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Hi Wallace,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Please contact our Customer Service for further assistance, they will provide you a quick solution.