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Stream for life projetor Hologram setup
Hello Dear Sires , mates,...
I am looking forward for some digital support and wonder if you can help me out ?
Primarily i need a setup consulting for producing "Avatars Music holograms
to support my stage installations with Avatars created in 3D, apologize in front for my DIY approach, but would be happy to hear your advice.

All the configuration and compatibility seems bit messy before understanding the protocol, i need your advice to save time !

What would be the best approach to record alpha transparent 3D Avatars and stream them afterward as pre recorded video to my hologram Instalation ?

I hope this isn`t to much to ask ?

DIY producer I.CviLak
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byguitardoo
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Hi I.CviLak,

Are you asking about how to use iClone to create hologram videos for hologram pyramid? If so, here are the steps I suggested:
1. Create animation clips with iClone. Make sure the project background is BLACK, so your video looks transparent on hologram pyramid.
2. Export the animation clips to a video file as source videos. For best raw quality, AVI format is recommended.
3. Compose the source videos to 4 faces videos with external video editing tool. You can learn how to do it by googling tutorials.
4. The 4 faces videos can be played with any video player and projected on hologram pyramid.

If you are looking for a way to export 3D avatars with alpha channel in iClone. Please see the Alpha Video section in the online manual:

I’m not a hologram expert but hope this information helps.